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Lights out!
— Plushtrap Chaser

Plushtrap Chaser is a major antagonist in the third story of Fazbear Frights: Fetch's. He serves as the alternate counterpart of Plushtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and was one of the animatronic at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


Plushtrap Chasers are reanimated electronic animatronic toys. They are green rabbits appearing nearly 3 foot tall in height, with bulging plastic eyes from wider eye sockets to bear a mild skeletal face. Their mouth has a row of pointed canine-like teeth. To the side of their jaw lies a port where Plushtrap Chasers can be connected. They also have a hatch in the backs that opens for batteries to be put in. Plushtrap Chasers also have pairs of thin whiskers on the sides of their faces, as well as over-sized feet.

Eleanor modified the main Plushtrap Chaser from the story, giving it human-like teeth with gums and squishy, green eyes. Over the course of the story, the modified Plushtrap Chaser's teeth sharpen, its gums start bleeding and its eye glow white and lack pupils.


Plushtrap Chaser, in normal state, functions as a electronic toy, designed to walk in darkness and will be halted when lights are turned on. The animatronic toy is battery powered and can seemingly be charged from the port in the jaw. Plushtrap Chasers seem built to be especially quick, and can mimic voices. However, it is unknown if all Plushtrap Chasers can mimic voices, or just the main one.


Out of Stock

Plushtrap is the main antagonist of the third story, Out of Stock. Plushtrap Chaser, in normal state, functions as a electronic toy, designed to walk in darkness and will be halted when lights are turned on.

In the modern day, Fazbear Ent. is making successful toys, such as the Plushtrap Chaser, an animatronic doll that runs in the dark but freezes in the light. They are very popular. To the point where they almost always are sold off by the time Oscar can buy one. One day, Oscar, Isaac and Raj are in a line to buy one of the toy rabbits in a mall, but when they are closer than ever to buying them, the last Plushtrap is bought. Just then, Oscar overhears store employees talking about contacting the police over a "too life-like" toy that's been returned recently; being a Plushtrap Chaser in a mangled, worn down box.

Oscar attempts to buy the spare Plushtrap Chaser, but the store clerk won't let him. Oscar, in the commotion caused by the Plushtrap Chasers being out of stock, leaves money on the counter and runs off with the Plushtrap Chaser. In Oscar's home, they rip the Plushtrap Chaser out of the tattered packaging to find that the store employees were correct, the Plushtrap Chaser indeed has realistic human teeth and eyes. The kids pry open the Plushtrap Chaser's mouth and hold a knife inside to test the power of its jaw, and the Plushtrap Chaser breaks the knife with ease. Trying to figure out how to activate it, they see the text in the box about them walking in the dark and stopping in the light. They can't, however, get the Plushtrap Chaser to actually work, even in the dark.

Plushtrap Chaser remains completely inactive for several days until the night before Halloween. Oscar finds a port in Plushtrap Chaser's jaw and connects it to a light source, knocking out his room's source of power. Oscar leaves and locks the door, but hears Plushtrap Chaser speak to him, and sees something move in the dark. Soon after, the neighborhood's power blacks out, and Oscar, Isaac and Raj hear knocking from Oscar's room. They get there, and Plushtrap Chaser knocks even harder, beginning to bite the doorknob off.

Bleeding from the gums, with newly sharpened teeth, Plushtrap Chaser chases the kids to Oscar's mom's room, where he does the same to that door. They climb on the wardrobe, which Plushtrap Chaser begins to bite down by the leg. They point a flashlight, of which they had two for emergencies, at Plushtrap, stopping it momentarily. Plushtrap Chaser mimics Raj's voice so Oscar points the flashlight away, allowing it to move. The boys decide to call for help, Isaac almost gets his leg bitten along the way. Plushtrap Chaser pursues them through the house some more - Plushtrap Chaser proving itself able to mimic Oscar's mom as well -, and with none of the phones working, they decide to make a run for it outside the house, pulling the garage door open and fleeing on their bikes.

Plushtrap Chaser bites his way out of the garage, catching up on the three friends quickly. Along the distance, they hear the train, heading towards the tracks. Oscar, sure of the train's timing, lures Plushtrap Chaser into the tracks and hops out at the last moments. Plushtrap Chaser, due to the train's light, can not move and gets run over, leaving the destroyed remains on the tracks.

Epilogue - Fetch

In the epilogue, Plushtrap's remains are recovered off the train tracks it was annihilated from, and thrown into a bag by a mysterious, cloaked figure.

Epilogue - Bunny Call

Plushtrap is found in a collection of other infected items, including Ella and Fetch.

Epilogue - Blackbird

Plushtrap's parts are thrown into the trash compactor and used for The Agony.

Epilogue - The Cliffs

Plushtrap's parts drown at the bottom of a lake, alongside the other parts of the Miscreation, never to be seen again.

Epilogue - Friendly Face

Plushtrap is revealed to have been created by Eleanor, as Detective Larson sees her give him his human eyes and teeth in a vision.


  • Plushtrap Chaser is the first main antagonist of a main Fazbear Frights story not to be featured in official art, as the Into the Pit animatronics' illustrations were revealed in an early release of the book, and Fetch and Lonely Freddy were shown as Scottgames teasers.
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