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RWQFSFASXC, also known as Shadow Bonnie or RXQ for short is the main antagonist of the third story of Fazbear Frights: Blackbird He is an alternate universe version of RWQFSASXC from the Five Nights at Freddy's series.


Shadow Bonnie doesn't closely resemble Toy Bonnie, like his counterpart, although his skin does remain pitch black and his pupils remain ghostly white. He is based more around the classic Bonnie. He stars in an 8-bit minigame, giving him a more pixelated and unorganized appearance, similar to how he looks in the minigames for Five Nights at Freddy's 3. His form drastically changes when he's set free from the game he was trapped in. Shadow Bonnie is much larger and has much sharper teeth in his mouth.


Shadow Bonnie stars in the minigame "Hide and Seek." The player must find Shadow Bonnie in order to win. He is released when the protagonist Toby destroys the game out of anger.


In the third story of Fazbear Frights: Blackbird, this version of RXQ is a video game character in a virtual reality game known as "Hide and Seek, where the goal is to find Shadow Bonnie in three attempts or you will fail, When Hide and Seek opens at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Games, Toby sees it as the perfect opportunity to finally beat his brother Connor at one of the location's games. Unable to win on the first day, Toby makes rail blocks in woodworking class and on the next attempt, begins blocking off parts of the game, limiting the locations the rabbit can use to hide. Despite this, Shadow Bonnie remains evasive. Angered, Toby blocks off every section so the rabbit can't hide anywhere. When the game lights next turn off, Shadow Bonnie wasn't blocked and disappeared. After checking every location and finding nothing, Toby snaps and destroys the game.

Doing so draws the mysterious ire of Shadow Bonnie, and Toby suffers a nightmare of the shadow being sewn into his back. With Shadow Bonnie attached to Toby, it disappears from Hide and Seek and the game keeps going, with technicians unable to reboot the game. Upon confirming Shadow Bonnie really was attached to his body, Toby grows more volatile and begins trying to find a way to remove it. A few people notice the shadow in the mirrors, but most see nothing.

After a few failed attempts to remove him (slamming his back into the wall and trying to scrub it off, only hurting himself and trying to drown his tormentor, almost drowning himself). As Toby grows more infuriated and afraid, Shadow Bonnie increases in size and power, starting to dominate Toby as he gains eyes and a mouth. Toby then has yet another nightmare, this time he is inside the hide and seek game and is hiding from the shadowy spirit. Unfortunately, Shadow Bonnie finds Toby and begins to suck him into his mouth like a black hole, and chomps down on him with his glowing sharp teeth. After waking up, he finds Conner outside of the bathroom and becomes enraged telling him that their rivalry isn't fair as he always looses every single time. After hearing this, Connor forfeits the right to beat Toby at everything after realizing how much the rivalry is affecting his brother, Toby concedes defeat and informs Shadow Bonnie he had won, causing him to shrink down to his initial size. This causes Toby to realize that Shadow Bonnie has a weakness, and thus, can be defeated.

Believing victory now lies in admitting defeat, Toby returns to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Games, enters the out of order Hide and Seek and turns on the game to forfeit. As the game prompts him to continue or give in, Toby suffers a relapse of his need to finally win at something, hits continue, and rams his back into the pegs in the wall. Shadow Bonnie forcefully detaches himself while Toby bleeds out from the pegs puncturing his back.

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