Tracy Horton, or Tracy is a minor character of the novel, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones.


She appears to be very similar looking to Charlie, she has brown hair, cut like Charlie’s, and a round face, with the same complexion. Deep, ugly gouges from spring locks


The Twisted Ones doesn't really specify how she was like before her death. But it is speculative that she may of have the same character traits of Charlie being a very reservant, tidy person as indication of how her house was like when Charlie managed to visit it.

Five Night at Freddy's Novel Series

The Twisted Ones

In the Twisted Ones, She is killed by Springtrap and the Twisted Animatronics, her body was left in a Cow's field. Charlotte finds her and is horrified to see that Tracy looks exactly like her, her features were different, but not that different.

Charlie stood up and took a deliberate step back from the woman, suddenly aware of how exposed she was in the open field. "Clay. I need to call Clay." She looked up at the sky, wishing for a way to keep the vultures at bay, to protect the body. “I’m sorry,” she whispered to the dead woman. “I’ll be back.”

Charlie started off to her car, then broke into a run, faster and faster across the field until she ran like something was right behind her.

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