"Did the other two mounds hide similar creatures? Was there a malformed rabbit hidden in the dirt just there? A chicken clutching a cupcake to its grotesque chest?"

Twisted Chica is an unseen antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones. She is an alternative counterpart to Chica the Chicken.


Just like the other twisted animatronics, she is extremely damaged and has a large mouth with many rows of teeth. She possesses a singular back toe on each foot, along with two on the front.

She has a second mouth located on her chest and appears to have two set of sharp teeth with gums and her fingers end with sharp claws. She appears to have some sort of mutations on her left arm and head. Unlike the normal Nightmare Chica, she has two cupcakes melted into her body.


  • Twisted Chica is the only Chica to posses back toes like actual chickens
  • Although Twisted Chica is not seen in the book, she was made into a merch for the novels and designed by LadyFiszi
    • The Funko Pop! of Twisted Chica was based off LadyFizi's Design
  • There was an original design for Twisted Chica's Funko Pop! Vinyl based off a fan-art by PinkyFills
    • However, it was scrapped or unused and LadyFizi's design replacing it



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